It’s really not a big deal to bring food to someone in need. It’s a nice gesture but one that’s not that memorable. It’s not that big a sacrifice for you run through your closet and find some things your family no longer needs or has out grown and give to someone in need. You may crochet a blanket or few to give away. If you remember you’ll pick up an extra package of diapers or wipes to give an agency to give a single parent on your behalf. You may even really stretch yourself and provide housing here and there for youth groups passing through or maybe somebody that really needs a place to stay.

You do these things. We do these things at The Sparrow’s Nest. Lots of people do these things. Lots of churches and agencies do these things. But does it last? Does it matter?  Do you feel like you matter? Maybe the better question is does it make the recipient of your goodwill feel like they matter?

Being as generous as possible will never fail you. However, the one gift we can all share and in particular with the residents of The Sparrow’s Nest is the love of God. We have all felt the impact of a forgiving heart. We can all recall experiencing sincere love. At some point we’ve all felt the positive effects of difficult reordering of our lives and obedience. These are the lasting effects of of being taught how to to listen to the Lord through prayer and His word, how to receive His love, and eventually falling in love with God and wanting to chase after Him for the rest of our lives. These are the gifts we are called to give above all others through The Sparrow’s Nest.

This is a picture of the new baptistry being built at Harvester Christian Church. Lobby0001 picLike all of our supporting churches baptism is a part of each tradition’s faith journey. This is one of those markers that will prove to us we are within God’s will for the gifts we share with the future residents of The Sparrow’s Nest. This outward act of an inward heart of obedience can be demonstrated in a baptistry. And think what this means for a young woman to start to discover who she is in Christ’s eyes. Think what this means from the very beginning of her baby’s life.

We have to ask ourselves continually if what we do really matters. We will always take care of the physical needs of every young woman and her children that come through The Nest. And past that point in time that she needs our assistance we will always keep in the front of our eyes to provide a Christ centered shelter for her that continually and without reservation shares the love of her heavenly Father. and to educate homeless, pregnant and parenting YOUNG WOMEN by providing a wide range of SERVICES that empower them to make positive and healthy LIFE decisions for themselves and their BABIES.