A few members of our team have shared some interesting conversations and follow up emails last week. The main subject is if I die. In and of itself this topic is a bit disconcerting. But, we were mostly talking about properly sharing and storing passwords to our bank accounts, document storage, and other important pieces of information.

However, the main case in point is;

who will continue the vision of The Sparrow’s Nest

if I got hit by a bus today?

I started wondering if I’ve even come close to sharing this vision God has placed on my heart and mind. I know He hasn’t revealed every detail to me so I don’t become overwhelmed with the task at hand. However, have I been holding out on you so I don’t overwhelm you as well?

Do you see the beautiful big house filled with light and hope? When you walk through the front door do you see the house mother greet you with a smile while she’s drying her hands with a red and white checked dish towel? As you glance through the front window do you see that volunteer guiding a young women through a bible study on the front porch? At the huge dining room table do you see a young mother filling out FAFSA forms with the house father in preparation for college? At the other end of the table do you see 2 teen moms giggling over smoothies as they fold towels for the house?

As we walk into the kitchen are you abrupted by the smell of burnt eggs as a volunteer teaches a young woman how to cook breakfast? As you go upstairs do you excuse yourself as another volunteer rubs the swollen feet of a pregnant teen still experiencing morning sickness at 32 weeks? Do you stop to check the math equations on a resident’s homework?

Do you see the two tiny babies, side by side, in the portable swings, sleeping peacefully while their mothers are empowered to reach for more by an attorney who started out just like them? Do you see the caseworker diligently working with a young woman to set her goals for herself and her baby? Forgive, the aggresive talk behind that door. The family counselor is working through some tough issues with a teen mom and her mom.

Can you step over the leftover wrapping paper and gift bags from yesterday’s baby shower to follow me outside? Do you hear the bouncing basketball clanging off the rim? Do you hear the jokes about hidden basketballs under maternity shirts? Could you check to see if those tomatoes are ready to pick from the garden?

Can you respectfully keep your distance from the outdoor prayer room as a young woman silently cries to God begging Him to rescue her and tell her who she is to Him?

Will you continue building partnerships with the faith community? Will you continue to fundraise? Will you continue to build the mentoring program? Will you continue to develop the life skills curriculum? Will you make sure our program reflects the inspiration of Nehemiah?

Five years from now will you open the second Sparrow’s Nest in Lincoln/Warren County? Will you create the micro-loans needed for these girls to go to school and start their own business?

Ten years from now will you plan the celebration for the graduates who are living independantly, gainfully employed and who are living assistance free?

Fifteen years from now will you take the children born at The Sparrow’s Nest on their first mission trip? Will you build The Sparrow’s Nest in Masaya, Nicaragua or Tiquisate Escuintla, Guatemala?

Twenty, thirty, forty years from now, will you ensure a vulnerable young lady, who is homeless, pregnant, or parenting will have a safe place to catch her breath, find her bearings, and start to grow in Christ?

I was just wondering, you know, in case I get hit by a bus.:)


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