You may have seen me doing some pretty strange things around St. Charles County over the past 100 days or so. You might have seen me stalking for sale signs. You may see me with a measuring tape marking off lengths. If you were driving behind me you might find it odd as I slowly roll past abandoned buildings. You might have even seen me digging my toe into someone’s yard and raising my hands to the skies. You may have thought twice about approaching me at my favorite Starbucks office as I muttered to myself while pouring over zoning maps. House hunting makes me a little nutty.

But if I told you all of this was in preparation of finding The Nest I hope you would understand my slight preoccupation. For over a year now, and definitely for the past 100 days, myself and our Building Committee as well as several other volunteers and supporters have been inquiring about land, calling about empty houses, and chasing down leads for possible locations for The Nest.

If you recall I had asked you to circle April 29 on your calendar because that’s when we had petitioned God to make it clear to us what His plan was for this aspect of Sparrow’s Nest. Believe it or not, we think we may have a really good match.

We’re terribly excited about a certain location. It’s centrally located in St. Charles. It’s very close to the services we will need. It’s the right size, it will need minimal renovations, and it has the stinking parking lot. The area seems to be zoned for our type of services. The price is not outrageous. And we can visualize the girls living there. There’s a great space for the house parents living quarters. It just seems to fit.

We have a lot more hoops to jump through, a lot more questions to be answered, and a lot more money to raise. But I wanted you to be praying for this. Satan is not going to be happy at all with this progress. He’s really going to come after us. So we plan to go on a prayer offensive. I would encourage you to dive deeper into your prayer life like never before. Pray for discernment, wisdom, and sound judgment for the Board of Directors. Pray for favor with the City of St. Charles. Pray for significant donors and grants to come our way. Pray the house would be a blessing and would glorify God.

This is a picture I took of one the windows that is boarded up on the house we are looking at. It represents a lot of things to me. I want to rip it down and let the sun shine in that room just like I want to rip down the board Satan has tried to place over these girls. I want the light of Jesus Christ to shine on them through the safety of The Nest.

Let us know if you’re praying for this. If you have any questions or concerns about us moving forward on this property let us know those things as well. We’re all in this together. We’re all One of The Flock.