They always say looking back at the past is a bad idea because there is nothing we can do to change the past. But every so often we need to pull back from the grind of daily work and look at the full panorama of where we’ve been to make sure we’re on track for where we want to end up.

Debbie Wills has taken on organizing our Prayer Warriors. One of her tasks is to send email blasts of our current prayer needs. (If you are interested in joining this part of the ministry you can get connected here ) I’ll send her a list of things going on any particular week and she drafts them into beautiful prayers for you to be a part of. I send these requests week after week but God convicted my heart today to look back at what He has already done. I feel compelled to share His faithfulness with you. As I write I am not ashamed to confess I am overwhelmed by His presence and am suddenly brought to an ugly cry filled with joyful weeping.

From the very beginning, I have looked out in front of me and I have seen The Path. It wasn’t a paved multi-lane highway by any means, but a Path that someone had obviously been down before. It would start out, bend behind some rocks, get a little murky and then reappear again after coming through the brambles. But The Path has always been visible.

We pray for direction. God takes our hand and shows the way.

We pray for wisdom. God grants it and others look to us for advice.

We pray for strong leadership and foundations. God sends professionals from around the country to shape us.

We pray for people. God sends hordes of gifted and talented godly souls.

We pray for money. God sends sources we weren’t even aware of.

We pray for perseverance and energy. God renews our spirits.

We pray for forgiveness of our doubt and fear. God presses in more evidence of His plan.

We pray for supplies. God fills our storage space to overflowing.

We pray for our churches. God makes them joyous places of worship and service.

We pray for protection. God purposefully pulls us tight into His arms.

We pray for unity. God sends His Body of believers to unite and build the wall together in peace.

We pray for our community. God makes way for them to welcome us with open arms.

We pray for patience. God touches us each in such a personal way to remind us He is still working.

I can go on and on and I will! This is the story of The Sparrow’s Nest right now and it will always be. We will always shout of God’s goodness, providence, love, and faithfulness. We will trust and obey His lead. We will set our gaze on Him and put His kingdom first. It is NOTHING that we are doing. It is all God.

He is here.

He is now.

How have you seen God’s leading in The Sparrow’s Nest? What have you seen Him provide?


Praise God, everybody! Applaud God, all people His love has taken over our lives; God’s faithful ways are eternal. Hallelujah!

Psalm 117:1-2