Few words can, in the same breath, showcase the contrast of the human experience. Enough is all we need to be fulfilled and complete. Enough is the primal cry of a person who has been to hell and back and left empty.

This morning Alia got out of the van, wearing her work uniform, while singing This Little Light of Mine to precious Kavion as they walk into school all before 7:00 am. The responsibility, dedication, and love demonstrated in this small moment is why teen moms need Sparrow.

Did you know almost 25% of teen girl’s experience pregnancy in their adolescence? Some of these young women are blessed to have families that can support them. However, a vast majority don’t and they need a community to wrap them in the love and grace of Jesus.

In St. Charles county the teen birth rate is 14%, which is lower today than ever before, but over half of this population is in severe poverty. This means that the young ladies who find themselves pregnant do not have the familial or community support needed to help them during and after their pregnancy.

When you compound this with the other adverse factors that impact poverty our brave and resilient teen mothers have often overcome a childhood filled with physical, mental, and emotional abuse and neglect. Visions of parents and caregivers shooting up heroin or being so drunk they are unable to provide for the family. The harsh reality that at the end of the school day they have no idea where they will lay their head at night. Then they find themselves pregnant, scared, and alone. Haven’t these teen girls experienced enough?

When the community is able to wrap around young moms in their time of need a beautiful thing happens. These teens are able to move into a home called The Sparrow’s Nest.  A young woman like Alia is given the opportunity to feel safe. She finally has consistency and comfort. She knows where she is laying her head every night. She knows food is available anytime she is hungry. She receives the health care she needs to address her physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

All of this is given not only during her pregnancy but after. You see, we want Alia to have a healthy pregnancy and child. We also want Alia and Kavion to be set up for a successful future. Our young moms are given the opportunity to expand their education and learn skills to prepare them for their career. We work long after the pregnancy to ensure each mother is able to move on once her little light is filled enough to shine.

At The Sparrow’s Nest we live in this dichotomy of enough. We know that by the grace of God alone, we will have enough prayer, funding, and connections to continue this important work helping young moms move from a life of being empty to a life filled and shining bright!