After much time spent with teens it can become apparent that words they use, words their friends use, or words they hear directed toward them are far from gracious. Some of this is due to their raging hormones and working out who they are in the world. Some of this is due to society trying to shape them into people who crave worldly fulfillment through the next big rush. But time and again we hear words that hurt and sting. 

It isn’t much different at Sparrow when a young woman first comes to us. She is often using words and language that is derogatory towards herself, her peers, and others. It can catch us off guard and break our hearts when we hear her refer to herself in such demeaning ways. They come to us broken and hurting but we offer them healing that comes through Christ alone. We strive to fill our girls with words of peace and confidence in an effort to heal and empower them!

Our 2020 verse for Sparrow is “Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body” from Proverbs 16:24. This verse is very intentional. Our words matter and more importantly God’s word matters. You see this verse shares so much we must be people looking for and using gracious words that are meant to build others and ourselves up. Most importantly, this verse is referring to using the word of the Lord, His scripture, to do so. When we do this, look for the best word, for the word that God breathed to life we are filling someone’s soul but we are also healing their hurt. 

Will you join Sparrow in 2020 and share words that are gracious? Will you help heal our brave moms by pouring into them with God’s own words? 

These amazing young ladies are precious in God’s sight and sometimes they just need a reminder of that!

Artwork by Pin on Words at Pinterest.