The theme for this year’s March for Life is “the power of one.” As I think about the 1000s and 1000s of people descending on Washington DC today I think of the power of one life in little Miss Kaylee.

Right now Miss Kaylee is almost 5 months old. Her only cares in the world are eating and well, eating. She has Disney Princess worthy eyes that take in the world. When she catches your eye she rewards you with a drooly toothless grin.

Sometimes I wish God would give me just a glimpse of what power Miss Kaylee will have 20 years from now. Will she be marching on Washington? Will we still need to march on Washington for pro life initiatives?

I have come to accept most of the groundwork we lay at The Sparrow’s Nest I will never get to see the fruit. I understand in the most basic of terms we are a speed bump for a life that was starting to careen out of control, a life that was starting to lose it’s value and course. We step in at a critical time and offer just enough of a subtle change that an entire trajectory of life is altered.

The Sparrow’s Nest believes in the power of one. Of the power and impact one person, one organization, one day, one month, can have on another life for one lifetime.