Some boys I went to college with took their mother’s cooking advice a little too literally. To check if their spaghetti noodles were cooked thoroughly these boys would throw them up on the wall. If they stuck, the noodles were ready to eat. If the noodles fell then they needed a little bit more time to cook. The only fall back was if the noodles stuck these boys left them on the wall to form a crusty collage of glutinous remains.

We’ve taken a similar idea and added a section to our weekly staff meetings called “Spaghetti Ideas.” Just like the college boys, this is a time for us to throw up ideas on the wall and see if they stick. If not, we noodle them for just a bit longer if you will.

These times start off with finishing the sentence “what if… or “what would it take to…”

I want to throw this out to you and see where your brain and heart takes them. Let’s throw them up on the wall, go through some sort of process and see if they stick, shall we?

What if… we could be a blessing back to the community by hosting a few free fun events?

What if… we could be a blessing back to The Flock of paid and unpaid staff by offering babysitting, or meals, celebration parties?

What if… we could have a boutique capitalizing on local talent in clothing lines, jewelry, art, coffee, books and music to generate income and teach skills for the residents?

What would it take to not charge for events like the Princess Dance and Gala?

What if we could be debt free in 4 years?

What would multiple sites of The Sparrow’s Nest look like?

What if we could develop an intern program to teach new creative talent to start and maintain maternity homes that were built on excellence?

What if we had a Teen Advisory Board to cultivate ministerial leadership in teenagers and to teach them how to reach out to young women and men in their peer groups struggling with unplanned pregnancy?

What if…

What would it take to…

How would you fill in the blanks? Let’s hear your voice!