John Tischer preached a beautiful word on love yesterday at Harvester Christian Church. I wish I could re-post the whole sermon here but I will suffice with two quotes that pierced my heart.

If we regard a person with agape, it means that no matter what that person does to us, no matter how he treats us, no matter if he insults us or injures us or grieves us, we will never allow any bitterness against him to invade our hearts, but will regard him with that unconquerable benevolence and goodwill which will seek nothing but his highest good.” -William Barclay

We all know that we belong in communities, that we were made to be social creatures. Yet there are many times when we are tempted to slam the door and stomp off into the night by ourselves, simultaneously making the statement that we don’t belong anymore and that we want someone to take pity on us, to come to the rescue and comfort us. We all know we belong in relationships, but we can’t quite work out how to get them right.” -N.T. Wright

To me this means, no matter how young you are or old, no matter what mistakes you’ve made or continue to make, if you’ve run away or pushed out, whatever the situation, whatever has been said, whatever has been seen, we were made to be connected to one another in peace and love and grace and mercy.

You may think I’m talking about teen mamas and I am. But mostly I’m talking about you and me. We’ve committed to something that’s bigger than both us by choosing to serve at The Sparrow’s Nest. But let’s take it even further. Let’s show this agape love in our communities of faith, in our communities of family, in our communities of neighbors, in our communities of service and work, and in our communities yet created. We are making a difference in the lives of teen mamas and their babies but choosing to extend this agape love to all connections we have this world is what will really make the difference that will last for eternity. We can be known as those who create communities of unconditional love.

2 John 1:1-7