Celebration of Life.

That is the center of The Sparrow’s Nest DNA. We celebrate the life of Christ that enables us to live with grace and mercy and forgiveness. We celebrate the life that Christ holds for us eternally. We celebrate the unborn life and the life of all of us in need of second, third, and fourth chances.

Today we are celebrating the life of a Sparrow champion.

Susan saw beauty in the broken.

My beautiful aunt, Susan Andrews, has told cancer to step aside and get out of her way as she dances into the arms of Jesus. I have no doubt as she sits at the throne of her King, this beautiful princess is surrounded by children and adults alike. I’m sure she’s weaving them crowns of clover to sit upon their golden crowns as she read them story after story. Friends and family that arrived in heaven before her are delighted to see her gathering sticks, stones, and pieces of moss and can’t wait to see what crafty thing she’s about to make out of it for them. She’s planted random flower seeds where ever she has walked today in heaven. She’s continuing to share the love and joy and hope in heaven that she shared during her time on earth.

Aunt Susan saw beauty in the broken. Whether digging through trash to make some great teepee for her kids or serving a lifetime teaching special education children or more recently teaching the homeless to read, she saw more than just potential in the broken.  I believe she saw in children and people what others couldn’t see. She could see the beauty in what the creation already was.

I think that’s why my Aunt Susan believed so much in the mission of The Sparrow’s Nest. So much of who she is, is what will happen at The Sparrow’s Nest. My aunt was a devoted follower of Christ, a life long learner, and committed servant to so many. I have heard my aunt tell me countless times “I believe in you and what you’re doing.”

That’s why I shouldn’t be surprised that she made the request in her obituary that in lieu of flowers, gifts in her memory could be made to The American Cancer Society or to The Sparrow’s Nest. I shouldn’t be surprised that as I meet her friends these last few days that they know all about The Sparrow’s Nest and what we are trying to accomplish. I just didn’t know she was going to do that. That’s so like her.

Even in heaven my Aunt Susan is making sure the broken become beautiful.

I know even in my own pain and grief today God is gently reminding me that we really do want to all get to heaven. Death has lost its sting. Earth is not our final resting ground. Eternal life with Him free of pain, sickness, disease, and sadness is really what we are all striving for. I know even for myself it’s very, very hard to let my Aunt Susan go however, my peace comes that every morning my Aunt Susan sat at her breakfast table with her cup of coffee and bible open molding herself into the image of God.

Who in your life finds beauty in the broken?

What special memories do you have of my Aunt Susan?

Lord, you will decree peace for us, for you have accomplished all we have done. Isaiah 26:12

In Him,


Matthew 6:25-34