Our family is caring for a precious little baby boy this week while his mommy and daddy are away at a conference. He’s one we prayed for long before he was born. We’ve had full run of his care for just over 24 hours and I can say I’m pretty worn out. In a really good way. If he had us wrapped around those little fingers before he was born I’m not sure how to describe it now.

We all would do anything, ANYTHING, to keep this little guy happy and safe and healthy. You don’t have to work hard to get smiles out of this kid but we all live for them.

As we’re standing on our heads spitting zerberts to his delight I can’t help but think about the 4000 babies who died today. Somehow because we couldn’t see their smiles, we couldn’t hear their cries, their lives were extinguished through abortion. At 11:45 I was giving this Little Duck another bottle. At 11:45 you can be sure a baby stopped receiving nourishment from his mother. Around 1 p.m. I was soothing Little Duck by swaying with him after he konked himself with a toy. Around 1 p.m. we can almost count on a baby who had been gently rocked in his mother’s womb was removed prematurely from his safe and secure surroundings. You can see where this is going. For all the love and respect and nurturing and care and concern anyone would offer to Little Duck or to any other baby we can see, the same is not displayed for babies we cannot yet see.

4000 times today alone.

This is one of many reason The Sparrow’s Nest needs to exist now. We may not be able to save 4000 but if we can save even one baby, even one teen mom trauma to her body and soul, we will do it.

We would do anything short of sinning to save one baby. Just like caring for Little Duck, we will do anything to see that one baby’s smile.