Some people refer to me as “Mama Sparrow,” but I’m actually more like “Mama Bear.” There are a few things in this life you don’t want to get sideways with me about.

1. My Texas A&M Aggies. I don’t care what you say. I will fight for my guys.

2. Bald Face Lying. I can’t stand it. I’ll snatch you bald headed if you bald face lie to me.

3. Racist or Sexist Remarks. You do not want me to put you in place about all of your stereotypical tendencies and shortcomings.

4. Do not, Do not, and again I say DO NOT take advantage, discount, or justify shortchanging, corrupting, or dismissing The Least, The Lost, or The Lonely.

I will fight. I will make it ugly. I will be relentless. Because if you don’t know who has your back, what can you count on in this world?

This is why I fight for housing for young moms.

This is why I will find a way to provide adequate medical care for precious babies.

This is why I can’t rest until these young teens and their babies are taken care of.

The thing Satan and his cohorts should be running scared that at Sparrow we have a whole army of mama bears and papa bears who will stand up and fight for The Least, The Lost, and The Lonely.

And we’re just getting started.

What are you passionately fighting for? Who will you take a stand for?

What is worth fighting for?