Jimmy Teigen is one of my favorite preachers because what he writes sounds like he speaks in real life but when he speaks it doesn’t sound written. Jimmy is the preaching minister at the Maryland Heights Church of Christ.He married up to his wife Amber and has been blessed with two angels here on earth. Jimmy began his ministry with the Maryland Heights Church of Christ in June, 2010. Previously he was the youth minister at the McKnight Road Church of Christ (St. Louis 2003-10) and the Northern Light Church of Christ (Minneapolis, 2001-03). He received his BA in English from Harding University in 2000 and his MA in Christian Ministry in 2010.I think you will enjoy this piece on being a daddy. ~Carissa


When you wear the title “Dad” you get to wear a lot of hats. You wear the Monster hat, running around the house tackling the kids in a fit of tickling rage. I’ve already experienced the Banker’s hat, (I’ve got a feeling this hat will look more and more like a gardener’s -caring for that giant money tree in the backyard). The valiant Knight’s hat is one of my favorites -cascading into the dark closets of the room to vanquish any goblins naive enough to enter my domain. I know many moms who wear these hats also, but they’re the usual ones for me.

Last week I put on a hat I didn’t think I’d ever wear. Corrina finally lost that dangling tooth, and she went to bed anticipating a certain fairy’s arrival. Mom and Dad dropped the ball. I woke up the next day and went through the normal routine as quietly as I could so no one else would wake up. I was brushing my teeth when I thought of my daughter…her teeth…the missing tooth…the tooth fairy! Do I wake up Amber so she can play the part or do I dare to call myself a fairy? Do I possess the skill, the slight of hand to reach under the pillow and make the trade or will she wake up and have her dream ruined by thinking the tooth fairy looks eerily similar to daddy?
I went for it. We’ve decided the tooth fairy loves to give “special” $1 gold coins per tooth, and thanks to a visit to the Metro ticket booth this summer I’ve got enough for 2 mouthfuls stored away in a secret compartment of the house (FYI for parents who haven’t worn this hat yet: decide now what the going rate is in Fairyland for a tooth. It will save a stressful night). I tip-toed into the room and pulled an Ocean’s 11 caper so fast it would’ve made Brad Pitt and Frank Sinatra jealous (same movie, double reference). I headed off to work with a spring in my step with the new knowledge that fairy wings feel an awful lot like a superhero’s cape.
Do something special today for a child and
you’ll see the benefits in your attitude and outlook towards others.