Today’s guest blog comes from one our amazing board members, Sandra Wilhite. Sandra is a soft spoken leader who is more than willing to jump in and get her hands dirty even with the mundane stuff of getting a non-profit off the ground. Sandra is a strong believer in the faith and in second chances. I know you will be inspired.
Pregnant or parenting teens may not always be innocent and may come from a background or history of poor choices but everyone’s story is different. We cannot assume this of all the young ladies we will service. Because each story is different, I believe we need to embody compassion as one of the core values that drives everything we do at The Sparrow’s Nest . So I wanted to share this wonderful excerpt from Eric Greitens (Navy Seal, humanitarian, public speaker). I recently read his book and found it to be very inspirational.
“Part of the power of compassion is that it allows us to love others despite their faults, which is at least in part how we each need to be loved. We need to see the facts clearly. Compassion is not blindness. Compassion is a kind of daring. Too love is to risk, and in being compassionate, we dare to love even though that love may bring with it disappointment and pain, as well as joy and happiness. One of the essential truths about compassion is that is requires strength. In it’s highest state, compassion is a form of courage.”
Have a blessed day!
Sandra Wilhite