Diann is the mother of one of our great volunteers Marla Stover. I got to meet her personally at another volunteer’s fundraiser. She took me aside and told me why she gives to The Sparrow’s Nest. Of course it made me cry, so I asked Diann to write her thoughts down here for you to see also. Just sit back and be blessed by a proud mama and grandma. ~Carissa

I first heard about Sparrow’s Nest through my daughter. My warmed heart felt like a pat of butter melting in a microwave. What a wonderful and much needed ministry!

One day I received an email from Carissa. “Asking for money”, I thought.

But wait. After explaining what Sparrow’s Nest’s mission is and how they pray to accomplish it, the letter stated it’s need and then came my surprise: the request now turned to asking the reader to push his/her chair back from their computer and pray. That request, to put prayer before giving or not giving, before any amount is given is what moved me to give.

I did pray and was led by the Holy Spirit to give and the idea popped into my head to give an amount reflecting the year my grandson was born.

Thank You, dearest Lord for sincere believers who totally rely on You.

Diann, Grandma of a young man born to my 16 year old daughter