Pro-Life and Pro-Choice.

It seems like everything in our society is coming to see where you stand. Which circle of responsibility do you gravitate towards? Which makes you want to shout, advocate, and pray for intervention?

Yes, these are two choices. Choices that can mean life and death.

However, in the midst of the words that both circles hurl at one another one big area stands out. Both sides state that you need to think about the woman’s life longer than in the 6 week, 8 week, or 9 month timeframe.

Common ground, a place to convene, is here. However, this intersection is not discussed and seems to be harshly ignored. I know this first hand. I have been sitting in the observation gallery of the House and Senate when people are loudly advocating for their side. One side is focusing on the child’s life and consequences to the mother. The other is saying, be Pro-Life, not just Pro-Birth and back up your argument by supporting families who need more then what they have. This same fight plays out on every outlet that exists. Both circles are expressing so many deeply felt emotions and truths. They each know how they feel in their gut, it wriggles up through their arms, into their necks, and out their mouths.

But they ignore a key solution.

I have wanted to shout out at the Capitol, on social media, at meetings, in the grocery store, at the mall, at church, everywhere. LOOK AT US!!!! We are the solution!

We are Maternity Homes. Places of safety and refuge for women. Places where moms who don’t feel like they have what they need can come and rest. They can stop the hustle and have a place to lay their head. They even have a place to lay the heads of their children. We give them an option to live their dreams.

Not only do Maternity Homes offer beds and basic needs there is so much more! We give women and children:

  • Case Managers to help them navigate social services as they get on their feet and make a plan (for which they are held accountable!) for their future.
  • Counselors to help them address diagnosed and undiagnosed mental health needs and oh, so much trauma. When over 90% of the ladies coming into our homes have experienced significant abuse and neglect they need help in healing.
  • Classes to help them learn skills in areas in which they are interested and can help them lead their families. Budgeting, sure! Cooking, go for it! Gardening, way to go! How to cope with stress and not verbally abuse your kids, praise the Lord! Resume Writing, get that job!
  • Transportation to get to school, work, child care programs, and appointments to see the doctor so mom and her children stay healthy.
  • Support in finishing their high school diploma and helping them gain more skills for the job they want! Even tutors and scholarships come with the package!
  • We help them save for their future home. First and last month’s rent and a deposit is CRIPPLING. Our families need support to have the money saved to be able to pay this amount. We help them do that.
  • Get a bank account? Check.
  • Have dignity because they can be the ones providing for their own child and not relying on a stranger.
  • Opportunities to develop and experience traditions with their child- carving pumpkins, making cookies for Santa, or having special park days.
  • Love-moms and their children develop a community of people that love them. They have safety nets when they fall. They have sitters who can have their back when baby is sick and mom has to go to work or lose her job. They have a crew who will come over and just talk as we fold laundry. They have people who they can call in the middle of the night with tears in their eyes because life is hard.

Things are changing and we don’t know what it will look like. But, you know who has been here and will continue to be here? These amazing and beautiful Maternity Homes who give and give and give. Because each human being is worthy of love and a chance.

When you come to a place of figuring out your circle, let me give you another option. Join my circle. Value Maternity Homes and the solution that we provide- life and love.