I have a lot of lazy tendencies. Like not wanting to use my phone as a phone. Returning voicemail is one of my least favorite things to do. But you would be glad to know I’ve buckled down for the last hour and tried to return as many as possible. All calls, like every single one, come through the Sparrow number to my phone.

It’s been a wondrous explosion of churches coming on board, volunteers looking for their spot as one of The Flock, folk wanting to donate clothes and furniture and then trying to coordinate the pickup and storage of those items. We have the attention of service groups wanting to help. People wanting to start non profits are looking to us for guidance and advice. Local media is tracking us and wanting information about this small little local miracle. Sponsors are looking to support our fundraisers. It’s a pot bubbling over with awesomesauce. Keeping track of it all is my down fall and I beg forgiveness if I appear ungrateful or too busy to return a phone call. Blessings can be overwhelming.

In the midst of all these beautiful calls are heart wrenching phone calls from stressed out, heartbroken parents of a pregnant teen or scared young women who may already have a baby crying in the background. Those calls have never stopped. Those are the calls I don’t have a lot of answers for. Other shelters and maternity homes have been filled for months, some for years. If an opening comes up its usually gone within hours. I go through my litany of resources that may get them by. I hear myself saying over and over again, “have you called here, what about here? Are you willing to leave the area?”

With all the excitement of our upcoming launch, events, and fundraiser please don’t lose sight of why we are here. There are young women in our area who are slipping through the cracks. We’re losing their babies to abortion out of desperation. We are losing young women to depression and substance abuse. We are starting to see a generation lost to quality education, living independently and welfare free, and viably employed. We are watching babies subjected to abuse and neglect from parents who lack support, proper parenting information, and resources.

I feel like I’m on the edge of a huge spiritual battlefield and I’m watching Satan win through lies, deception, and greed. He’s stealing our children and I can’t stand it.

And I won’t. 

The next 10 weeks will fly by without us knowing. We still have a million tasks to accomplish and we may be cutting it really close. I trust God to make it what it needs to be. During this 10 weeks we have two major fundraisers, our year end campaign, hosting at least one Open House, launching The Little Things Project estore, finalizing licensing, hiring and training our staff and TLC volunteers, and oh, of course finishing all the work needed on The Nest itself. Surely I’m forgetting something.

I’ll put just 3 of those things on your to do list:

1. Would you commit to just praying everyday for everything remotely birdy with The Sparrow’s Nest? 

Just once a day lift up the words “Lord, The Sparrow’s Nest.” He knows us. He’ll take it from there. If you would like to know more specific prayer requests or would be interested in hosting a prayer meeting at your church please contact Jen Riley our prayer coordinator at therileys06@gmail.com

2. Would you consider how you could share your time and talent to push The Sparrow’s Nest to the starting line by 11/15?

Can you share a hour or two at the golf tournament on 9/13 grilling some burgers or helping to monitor a hole? Can you share a Saturday morning and paint some walls or haul away some brush? Do you have some connections to small businesses that would sponsor the Gala or donate a silent auction? You can start thinking about how to use your hands to help Sparrow here ==>http://www.thesparrowsneststl.org/volunteer-landing/

3. Would you start considering how you and your family can contribute financially to The Sparrow’s Nest?

I’m not afraid of dollar signs. And I don’t apologize asking for money to support this incredibly important ministry. It takes a lot of money to make something of this size happen. We have resources and funding that has been gifted to us. We know God provides all we need through your generosity. Consider now how you can start setting aside perhaps $1 a day until now and the end of the year . That’s approximately $100 you may not of thought you had to give. If you’re ready to start making a monthly contribution to can do it here==>http://www.thesparrowsneststl.org/give/

I’m so grateful to have each and everyone of you along for this ride. The momentum of the crowd behind us will push to the starting line of what God is already doing. I can’t wait to cross that with you.

How will you help Sparrow in the next 10 weeks?

What are you looking forward to the most this fall for Sparrow?

Leave a response here and I promise despite my track record with returning phone calls I will answer you. 🙂