Somebody really doesn’t want The Sparrow’s Nest to take flight anytime soon.

An adjacent homeowner to the future Sparrow’s Nest property  is refusing to give us the easement. This leaves us really no other option than to cut down the trees and add about 60-100 feet of our own road. Huge costs, huge delays on closing, huge headache. We will NOT be able to close until this is taken care of.

So first do this for me:
1. Let’s just go ahead and pray BIG TIME BLESSINGS over the homeowner and pray he has a change of heart very soon.
2. Second, pray we trust God’s timing and providence and we see the resources that He has already given us to move this ministry forward on His accord.
3. After you have done that please think through your contacts, get on the horn and see who can help us put this project together quickly, properly and efficiently.

Who has tree cutting service?
Who has asphalt business?
Who has a heart for our ministry?

Ready, set, go!