The stairwell will cost $10,000.

The house will cost $372,000.

You’ll need to make that bathroom ADA compliant. $25,000 right there.

You’ll need to add a sprinkler system on every level. That’s going to run you upwards to $80,000.

You need a parking lot but you also will need to rip up part of that parking lot and add a 15 foot green space with 2 in caliper trees. Easily 20 grand.

Talking about money at that level could make you sick to your stomach. It’s like we’re Scrooge McDuck and can take the daily money swim. It could make you think you have this insurmountable mountain in front of you. And never mind this is just the tip of the ice berg. These pricetags could make you think the reality of The Sparrow’s Nest is never going to happen.

But dollar signs don’t scare me.

So don’t let them scare you either.

We are a rich and wealthy people filled with creativity, ingenuity, and resourcefulness. We have stepped into a God-given vision and He already has the finances figured out. We just need to not be afraid to step into the opportunities He places before us.

If you think broke, you are broke.

If you think cheap, you are cheap.

If you dream and trust, and are obedient and trustworthy with little, He will draw you into His vision and trust you with much.

Let’s be very open with our concerns and questions. Let’s draw them out into the light and get rid of the bogey men trying to turn our dreams into nightmares.

What are you worried about with this project?

What concerns you about building The Nest?

What scares you the most?

We’re in this together. We’re all a part of The Flock