Making tough decisions is not an easy process.  I guess that just makes sense – right?

My natural personality is as a people pleaser.  I tend to look for a solution that will have the least amount of negative impact on others so it will make (or keep) the most people happy.  Unfortunately, that is not always the way the decision-making process will be completed and there are often a lot of people impacted negatively.  I hate that process – truly, I do.  It hurts and then there can be sleepless nights as I wrestle with the negative impact – often second-guessing myself and wondering how another decision could have been made that would have worked out better.

The last many months have been very difficult at The Sparrow’s Nest.  Our Board of Directors has wrestled with the normal operations of this ministry with our hearts wide open.  The COVID pandemic has added elements of protocol and expense into our operations that we reacted to quickly and appropriately.  We had some employees affected and were very quick to react properly to protect the home, our residents, other employees, and staff members.  I could not be prouder of how we have handled these situations.

We have now struggled for about a year to find a new and permanent Executive Director.  This process has been very difficult, as well, as we look for the “right person” who has the proper heart for the ministry, the girls, and our community.  The maternity home ministry is also changing rapidly, and the responsibilities of this position were a moving target.  Add into this the COVID effect and how we have not been able to hold our normal fundraising activities and you can imagine how tough decisions had to be made.

I believe that God’s Holy Spirit guides me and provides me with insight and direction when tough decisions must be made.  Others may call it intuition or a “sixth sense” but I believe I can feel His presence and there are times when I just know what needs to be done.  That “feeling” is what came over me during our last board meeting as we made the tough decision to pause operations for a time that would allow us to find the right person to serve as our Executive Director and fully revamp the operations of the ministry.  Employees were affected and that hurts but we felt strongly that it was the “right” long-term decision for the Sparrow’s Nest.

Take this journey with us and walk beside us as we go through the next few months.  I know that it will not be easy, but I am also excited about what waits for us on the other side of this window of time.  We appreciate your support – both financially and spiritually.  We could not do this without you and your constant support.

Mark Hollander

Treasurer, The Sparrow’s Nest