By: Erica Grogg, House Manager

A few weeks ago, I was at the Missouri Christian Convention telling people about Sparrow. At one point while I was at our booth, a precious little red head boy came up to me and was so excited when I gave him a piece of candy (with his mother’s permission, of course) and a Sparrow cup. His parents walked away while he was thanking me for these small little treats, after which he ran off to join them. He and his parents eventually left my sight, but a few minutes later he came back with a shiny penny, the penny I have pictured in this post. He was so sweet in telling me he wanted to give me this penny for Sparrow. He apologized, stating that he wished he had more, but it was all he had with him. There was so much sincerity in his little voice.

That little boy has no idea how much he touched my heart that day. His unhindered generous heart placed a little penny in my hand that brought tears to my eyes. In reflecting on this moment, I have been reminded of the widow in Mark 12:41-44 who gave the equivalent of a penny, and it too was a very small sum, yet Jesus saw that she gave all.

Dear little boy, you showed me the love of Jesus that day. You gave all that you had to Sparrow, just like Jesus gave all for us. Thank you for your generous and loving heart, a heart that I pray continues to show the love of Christ to all.