By: Heather Hussey

Life is messy, right? And for everyone. Everyone has something — some type of mountain they are trying to conquer. A death they are trying to grieve. A false truth about their worth they are trying to overcome.

When asked to write about “empowerment”, so many ideas swirled in my mind. Maybe I would write about someone who once empowered me, or include a mind-blowing inspirational quote and derive my words from there. Ugh.

And then I just kept praying about the teenage girls at The Nest. They’re just children, yet they have already experienced so much of the “messiness” of life. Some of them have been hurt, abused, abandoned, judged — and now they are responsible for a whole other life — a tiny human.

These girls chose life, but how do we continue to encourage and empower them to make healthy life decisions?

One way is to make sure these mommas know, that they really know, that they are not just their past choices. That their identity is not held in their baby. Nor in the words spoken to them out of hate, those false truths they hear in their head. Nor in their momma’s love — or lack of. We have to get them to understand that they are so much more than that — that the TRUTH is that they are royal princesses in the eye of their Heavenly Father. That they were created with a purpose and that God has a plan for them!

At The Sparrow’s Nest, the staff is teaching these girls strong Christian values through daily devotions, developing their problem solving skills through parenting and leadership classes, and providing a sense of belonging by simply being there to listen and show love.

However, as you already know, it takes a village to raise a child. These girls not only need love and attention from our staff, but from people like you who believe in them. They need people like you covering them in prayer.

Would you pause right now, and pray? Pray that these girls continue to fight for their truth, for their babies. For the plan and purpose God has for them. Would you pray about your involvement, your role in their lives whether you become a mentor, a volunteer, or donor?

Together, as a village, we can empower these young girls to follow God’s plan — to become the princess they were meant to be.

Join The Empowerment Effect by donating today to help us reach our $50,000 goal by December 31! You can donate HERE or mail a check to The Sparrow’s Nest, 6209 Mid Rivers Mall Drive #119, Saint Peters, MO 63304.