Enter Jeopardy Music Here (originally written June 17)
I’m not sure how it is that the three months we have inhabited the Nest feels like 3 years. So much has happened in preparation for the arrival of girls. Open houses, work days, invasion and then the killing of lots of ants, bugs, spiders, cockroaches (yes, I live in Missouri-not Africa), discovering and fleeing of snakes, more work days, unpacking, organizing, tours, training, team building, staff blending, teaching my daughter how to live and play nice with other staff kids (oy vay), and…oh ya…normal life for our family of 4. 

Home is work, and work is home. For anyone reading thinking that this is the best thing ever—let me stop you there—while it is probably the greatest privilege ever to be in this situation it comes with its ups and downs…and a balancing act that you must master. it’s not as glamorous or easy as it sounds.

I’d like to think I’ve gotten the hang of it pretty well, but let’s be realistic in thinking that the arrival of girls will throw anything I thought out the window. 

The girls are coming! Did you hear it…it is so close. Licensing is finished—and apart from some technicalities getting worked out—we are awaiting our piece of paper that says we can open the front door. I say this with a smile on my face, but it’s been an arduous process and quite frankly—we can hardly see straight we are so ready and excited to let the Nest be in full use. 

I think of them…I pray for them…and tonight I found myself calling them “my girls” I imagine that this is what parents who have kids that have gone away to college must feel like, or adoptive parents awaiting to bring their baby home. I can’t wait to see her face…watch her grow spiritually and emotionally, and watch her belly grow to! I look forward to wiping away tears when their wee one won’t stop crying or won’t sleep through the night (been there, done that, got the t-shirt)…and I look forward, with tears of joy, no matter how hard it will be, when we say goodbye and her time with me at the nest is finished. 

it’s coming…we move forward…waiting and anticipating. 
-Amanda Shaheen

The Sparrow’s Nest House Mom