This is my kitchen table.

This is it’s best side.

Up close you can see that it’s laminate has been melted off in many sections due to hot pots and unfortunate incidents with fingernail polish remover. If you sit at the far right hand corner you will receive the blessings of glitter forever imbedded into the fake grain. There’s just a continual sense of stickiness to our kitchen table.

But that is why my husband and I bought this table. It was affordable. It could withstand the test of time with 3 growing children. It was big enough for our family and others to gather around it and create art, food, and memories.

In about a hour, yet another group of hard working volunteers will gather around this table with a big pot of coffee. They will brush off the crumbs left from breakfast to start working. No doubt their papers will stick to the table and we’ll all laugh as they pull them off. Hopefully, their clothes won’t stick to the chairs as well.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get rid of this table. The Sparrow’s Nest was born around this table. This table has witnessed hours and hours of conversations, dreaming, hard questions,  and prayers as The Sparrow’s Nest moves from a vision to a reality. This worn out little kitchen table seems to be the very essence of a grass roots effort

The table represents so many of the core values of The Sparrow’s Nest.

  • Prayer
  • Family
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Community

I hope very soon to move this table into the actual building that will house The Sparrow’s Nest. I pray very soon we have young girls complaining about spilled syrup getting on their homework. I pray very soon we have volunteers and staff creating around the table inside The Nest. I pray very soon we can invite our community to join in around the kitchen table in an affordable house. I pray very soon our house mom and house dad pray over dinner with our girls at this very table.

I also hope if you haven’t had a chance to come sit at my kitchen table that we can make that happen soon. I would love to sit over a cup of coffee, hear about your dreams, and tell you mine as well.

As long as you don’t mind dried on syrup at your elbow.

If you have sat at my kitchen table working on Sparrow, take a minute and share a memory or a thought. This is part of our history!