Remember we first got started? We just had that seemingly simple plan of we’ll get a house, follow some state rules, recruit some great staff, mostly run it on a shoe string and volunteers, and just fill these girls with the love of God. We’re still trying to keep it simple but this mission is anything but simple.

We all know the main goal this year is to Build The Nest. You have been so generous with your time and money to help build a firm foundation on which to create this home. I wanted to remind you again that we are diligently looking for the right Nest. We aren’t just wandering around in the desert on a pipe dream.We have a top notch committee of credible volunteers who are well versed in planning and zoning requirements who are leading the charge. We are actively seeking God’s wisdom and discernment.

I’m very hesitant to share when it looks like we have a good match because it is so complicated. For example, yesterday Kevin and I had an appointment to see a house that was a really, really good match. However, it sold 6 weeks ago. The seller’s site had just not been updated to reflect that. You can see how I don’t want everyone to get frustrated and let down when things like that don’t work out. I know how it makes me want to rip out my hair. We are working as systematically as possible but I think in the end we all realize that God will almost surprise us with the right home. I’ve kind of let go of anticipation and expectation and just leaning towards that Christmas morning surprise element. The vision is before of us of walking in to a home and knowing that we are walking on holy ground.

I’m posting the requirements from Planning and Zoning just so you can see the steps we have to meet for the city. This doesn’t even touch what we have to do for the state. But we are pressing on. We are following the voice of the Shepherd. We are being obedient to His calling and His timing. We are leaning in with excitement to see what God has in store for The Nest.


Temporary Shelters within City of St Charles-2