I remember the very first time that I heard about The Sparrow’s Nest.  I was asked to join a few people for breakfast at Denny’s in O’Fallon (it isn’t there anymore!) and I heard this “dream” about creating a place for young women who had no place to go during a pregnancy.  The place was described as a place of refuge, a place of healing, a place of learning and where dreams could come true.  It sounded amazing and I remember tears filling my eyes as I thought that such a place could be real.  The small group of people captivated me and soon I was meeting up with them on a regular basis to learn more.  Little did I know that the little breakfast meeting would turn into something that would change my life.
Over the last several years, I have had the honor to serve on the board of The Sparrow’s Nest and I have seen dozens of young women walk into our doors and the exit a new creation. Knowing that many of them have no place to turn for help or support and also knowing that many of them are being encouraged to discard the beautiful creation inside of them, I am blown away at the lives that have been saved and changed because this place exists.
Our mission remains very much the same but our methods and practices have evolved and changed a lot over time.  Understanding the needs of a young pregnant woman and also learning more about the ever evolving needs of our community have made us adjust how we deliver ministry to these young families.  Our staff members are constantly in training as the state requirements change and we update our facilities and practices to meet the needs of our community and those seeking shelter with us.
One thing that has never wavered within us and that is to constantly share the love of God.  Constant love and support in a non-judgemental loving environment where His message can be shared has always and will always be part of The Sparrow’s Nest.
My responsibilities on our board are based around finances and I serve as Vice President and Treasurer.  Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the “numbers”, bank statements and spreadsheets but I am constantly drawn back into realizing the lives that are changed because this ministry exists.  I am honored to be a tiny part of it and hope that you realize just how important your contributions, service hours and volunteer times mean to us and to His kingdom.