There’s a billboard near my house that advertises a website to access the wait times at local emergency room. My daughter and I were driving by the sign and she asked how a waiting list at an ER would work. I explained to her the concept of triage, and how the order you were treated was usually in order of the severity of your injury or illness.


That conversation made me think about how we decide who to help in our lives as well. Sometimes it seems like everybody we know and their dog is in need of something. Our list of hurting people can be longer and sometimes more severe than an emergency room.


The Sparrow’s Nest has identified a group of hurt people who we feel can no longer be ignored. We feel we can no longer push them to the back of the line and hope they hang around to get the help they need. We’re pushing to Build The Nest for teen mothers and their precious babies. We feel this an incredibly vulnerable group of people that needs our immediate attention.


We have a goal of raising $100,000 by December 31, 2011. We need you to feel the urgency of this need and donate whatever you can. You can access our secure online giving site at