My Why

Why do you care about The Sparrow’s Nest? 

We asked a few friends why they choose to be a part of the Sparrow legacy for brave teen and their precious children. Check out their answers! 

Terri K.

office volunteer

In Jan of 2016 the founder of Sparrow’s Nest, Carissa Figgins, spoke at our church on life Sunday. I had been looking for a meaningful volunteer job. She was so passionate about how teens and their babies lives were changed for the better through this ministry that God put it on my heart that this was the place. I had worked in healthcare for 45 years and wanted something different and volunteering in the office was that perfect opportunity. I want every resident and baby to have a firm, loving foundation and become a fruitful member of society knowing they are created in God’s image and have a purpose and meaning in this world.

Erin B.

 monthly donor

Being a labor and delivery nurse my heart has always skipped a beat for the miracle that grows inside women. I thank God for letting me help bring life into this world. Sparrow is a way for me to give back to a place who cares about both the mom and the child for their whole lives.

Mark H.

board member

Getting involved was an easy decision for me and I love to share the mission with anyone that will listen.  As a follower of Jesus, I feel that I am also called to value life – ALL life. I can’t think of any life more delicate and vulnerable than that of the unborn. “The Nest” provides a very safe place for young moms and their beautiful and loved babies.  I love knowing that our board of directors consistently keeps the Mission of The Sparrow’s Nest in front of us as we make every decision. We are all about second chances and honoring life and I love being a little tiny part of it.

Amanda K.

Sparrow graduate

I was at Sparrow for a long time. Longer than I thought I would stay. It wasn’t until I moved into my own place that I realized how much they helped me change. And it wasn’t just me who saw it. They helped me through so much and everyone was so nice going out of their way to help me know they cared. I would recommend for any young mother in need!

We would LOVE to hear your “Why”.

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