Donors, Partners, and Friends-

We wrote to you in December telling you of the New Chapter being written at The Sparrow’s Nest. As we have continued to serve our former residents and their families, we have followed God’s leading into yet another new chapter. In response to the changing needs of our community, The Sparrow’s Nest is transforming our program model. Beginning this fall, we will no longer offer maternity housing, and will begin serving young families as a holistic childcare cooperative.

Over the past several years, we have seen the needs of our community changing. The teen pregnancy rate in St. Charles County has dropped significantly, meanwhile there has been an increasing shortage of affordable childcare. This creates a real hardship for the young moms that we serve, who must often leave the workforce because of the cost of childcare, creating financial instability for their families.

Our program will offer free, high-quality care to young families in need through a unique, groundbreaking model. Young moms (or dads!) will serve as teaching assistants in the child center one day each week in exchange for four days of free childcare. While they are serving at the center, parents will receive case management, parenting education, mentoring, counseling, and access to resources. In this way, we hope to wraparound vulnerable young families, offering them the support and grace they need to be successful.

Our prayer is that, through this model, young parents who have chosen life will be empowered and supported, creating a strong foundation on which their families can grow. Our mission remains unchanged- to embrace the God-given dignity of all human life by empowering young moms and their children to realize their full potential.

Your gifts of time, money, and prayer are still needed. Gifts can still be made payable to The Sparrow’s Nest. Please be aware that gifts made after June 30, 2022 will no longer be eligible for the Maternity Home Tax Credit, though they will remain tax-deductible. We anticipate having many volunteer opportunities in the fall, so be on the lookout for ways to get involved!

We are so grateful for your partnership, and hope that you’ll join us as we open a New Chapter and continue to serve the young and vulnerable families in our St. Charles community!


The Board and Staff of The Sparrow’s Nest