I think you can relate that sometimes we just have to put our nose to the grindstone and get things done because we it is just the right thing to do. There is an item on the checklist that just needs to be checked off no matter what.

Unfortunately that is how I approached a brutal three day training schedule (that I set) this past week. I know strong boards have on going board training.We needed to get that in still this year. The state requires us a professional staff to each have 40 hours of training in specific categories such as professional staffing, group communication, special procedures etc. The reality of running a house that operates 24/7 doesn’t leave a lot of time or funding for training. But no matter… we needed to get everybody on the same page as quickly as possible.

I brought in Amy Jones from Servants for Life. She had been our trainer almost three years ago as we were opening. She has been in maternity home ministries and ministries to women and children for almost 34 years. I knew she “got us.” And boy did she.

In the midst of our professional training she gently brought us back to our purpose as a ministry. In every session Amy brought us back to how will we show Christ? How will be Christ’s image bearers to these young women and not shame bearers? How do we get them excited to know Christ through fun and engaging devotionals, activities, and day to day tasks?

On our last day, I gave each staff member present three slips of paper. On them they either had a co-workers name, a current resident’s name, or simply “Girl #1, #2, etc” to identify the next girl coming into The Nest. They each went into a different part of the house and prayed for each room to be blessed. For each room to show God’s love, peace and mercy. Then they presented each name to God in prayer and asked “what do they need, what do you want for them in the coming days, weeks, and months?”

As a result we are at least short one box of tissues at The Nest. The staff was so open, so honest, so real. They didn’t try to be martyrs or heroes in their human-ness. They were sponges in worship, in reading scripture, in prayer, and in seeking God’s will for themselves and the ministry. There was a renewing of our hearts and minds and you felt it to the foundation of the physical house.

We want to extend this re-commitment in purpose and mission to you as well. Let us know how we can pray for you but know we are starting from our knees leaning in to first ask God what he wants for you and then to present your needs. We can hardly wait to hear his voice and calling on our lives and yours. img_0828