This past Tuesday, The Sparrow’s Nest hosted the O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon. We choose to be a part of the O’Fallon Chamber of Commerce and Industries for the vast resources and networking it provides us. But the O’Fallon Chamber has a strong sense of community and generosity as well. They have a great motto that says “Keep it in the O, Keep it in the CO, Keep it in the MO.” This encourages consumers to start with our local businesses first to build a strong and thriving community. You can support The Sparrow’s Nest as well as the O’Fallon small business community over the next few days. If you are one of the many Sparrow lovers outside of our immediate area we still encourage you to support your local businesses. Here are just a few local businesses you can visit on Black Friday and Small Business Saturday to fill some items on our wishlist!

1. Fresh Thyme– nutrition and value are top ideals for us. Gift cards for any local grocery store help us promote healthy eating habits to our residents
2. Wharf Pharmacy– stop by and pick up a few stocking stuffers for our residents such as jewelry, keychains, and small perfumes
3. Brass Rail– purchase gift cards for the residents to have a special night out to celebrate birthdays, graduations, and new babies
4. McDonalds– purchase $5 gift cards for the residents to have as incentives when they finish educational programming and hit their goals. They will want McD shakes when they drive through the O’Fallon Celebration of Lights in December
5. Sam’s Club– we go through paper towels, toilet paper, and printer paper like nobody’s business! Buy an extra package or two for The Sparrow’s Nest
6. 6 North Cafe– our girls sometimes just need a quiet break from the Nest. Purchase a gift card so they can catch their breath over a cup of coffee or tea
7. Two Pink Elephants– Every woman struggles with her body image after the birth of a baby. Purchase super soft leggings in different sizes to accommodate these young women’s body changes
8. QT– we burn through the gas driving young women to work, school, church, volunteering, and doctor’s appointments. Set us up with some gas cards to offset those costs.
9. Lowe’s– our 40+ year old house is always in need of light bulbs, command strips, paint, air filters, trash bags, and small home improvement supplies.
10. Firestone– The Sparrow Big White Van has some big ole commercial tires. Gift cards to Firestone help with oil changes, basic maintenance, the eventual tire replacement and rotation
11. Menchie’s– we provide longer term housing for pregnant teen moms. Do we need to explain why we need ice cream and frozen yogurt?
12. Walmart– disposable diaper changing pads, diaper genie refills, and latex gloves. We got a few stinky hinies around here.

Don’t forget to also add The Sparrow’s Nest as your charity of choice on Smile Amazon. We receive a portion of your online sales as well!

Happy Shopping!