I asked my staff to share a memory of their mom in honor of Mother’s Day. Here is a sweet memory from our business manager Sue Ottinger, AKA #SueORocks. We would love to hear about your sweet memories as well! Leave a comment after the post.-Carissa

My grandparents lived on a farm about 2 hours from St. Louis. We went there every weekend. My mom always liked being outside more than in and she would take us fishing in the creek. First we had to dig works and then we had to walk thru a field past the lake, cross one part of the creek and walk through another field past the old Evans place. This was an old plantation type house sitting far across the field to a nice deep fishing hole. The fish we caught were tiny little perch and bluegill, all of which we either threw back or saved to put in the lake. It was so hot and after we went fishing we went swimming in the icy cold water. Those were such fun days with my mom!