I am a hope filled person trying to create a house of hope but I had to look something in the eye today that shook me to the very core of every fear and nightmare I have.

I joined the Alliance for Life conference participants on the sidewalk of Planned Parenthood to pray for the absolute end of abortion now. But I honestly couldn’t lift my head to even read the name on the side of the building. Crossing the street to stand on that sidewalk sucked all hope from my heart. Every dream I have for the future residents of The Sparrow’s Nest and their babies were ripped from my heart. I could only weep because I was so overwhelmed with the sadness, the desperation, the fear, and the atrocities so near me to me in that building. My shame from not even being able to look that giant in the eye paralyzed me.

I was heartbroken thinking about my girls walking through those doors feeling that was their only choice but to end the life of their unborn baby. I was appalled by the open wound it would leave on their young hearts. I felt overwhelmed by such a powerful entity.

Soon that still small voice of truth and reason gently lifted my chin and spoke to me saying “See this for what it really is but trust me that I am victorious. You keep doing what I’ve asked you to do and I will take care of everything, even this.”

I prayed for our girls that they would be protected from harm. I prayed for the abortion workers to hear the reasoning of my Lord. I prayed for healing over those who had walked through those dark doors. I prayed for babies to be viewed as absolute miraculous occurrances. I prayed Planned Parenthood would cease to exist. I prayed for forgiveness of of my own doubt and fear.

I left there just completely inside out. But it fueled my heart to try and provide Real HOPE and real CHOICES for teen girls facing an unplanned pregnancy. I am inspired to keep pressing forward to provide a safe place for precious little babies. I was reminded not to write off anyone or anything but to let God be God and me just be me.

What Goliath have you had to square off with lately?

How has prayer given you courage against your fears?