I’m at The Nest and gratefully can’t find a quiet spot to work. Dust is being churned up outside as truckload after truckload of mulch is being delivered for the prayer garden and front flower beds. Girl Scout Troop #4140 is upstairs giggling as they paint the large bedroom they have been working on for months. Someone else has praise music blaring. A man with a chainsaw just walk by the front window I assume to cut up some more tree trunks. 

Tomorrow Harvester Christians descend on The Nest for Serve St. Louis to paint the rest of the house with paint donated from Sherwin Williams. On Sunday First United Methodist Church St. Charles returns to paint also. The Way will be working all weekend to build the pergola and begin the structure of the prayer garden.

Mark, Mike, and Amy are working their tails off coordinating groups, supplies and projects to get The Nest ready for finalizing our licensing.  We hope the bathroom I’m calling “An Unfortunate Event” will be taken care of soon and the new furnace and ac units can go in lickety split. Almost all the room have been taken care by area groups with the exception of the houseparents room. It still needs a sponsor to cover the expenses of new flooring and windows. We’re working through the state fire marshalls requirements as quickly as we can.

Gala volunteers are busily putting the finishing touches on our event November 9th at Chesterfield Villas. They are finalizing sponsorships, gathering silent auction items, securing the entertainment. Princess Dance volunteers are ready to rock n roll when it’s their turn to step into recruting sponsorships and registrations for their event on February 1, 2014 at Bogey Hills Country Club

The COM team is writing content for the newsletter, social media outlets, and the blog to make sure everyone is getting as much information as they want regarding all the progress at The Nest. We are also getting ready to communicate a huge campaign coming in November for The Nest.

We have opened up the job postings for house parents and case manager. We will begin interviewing soon on those crucial roles.

Shari, Sue, and Intern Jeffrey continue to hold our staff together taking care of all the administrative tasks of mailings, registrations, licensing, and applications. This week we were super grateful for Intern Jeffrey completing our huge application to the Better Business Bureau for accreditation. We could still really use a Volunteer Volunteer Coordinator to herd the cats for us and make sure everyone is plugged in where they need to go.

The Nest is right smack in the middle of a crucial time in our history. We are so excited for everything coming together and continue to trust God and His timing in all things.