I waited for what seemed forever for last Thursday and it was over and done with before I could blink an eye.

If you didn’t feel the earth shake at 3 p.m. CST on July 25th, board chair Kevin Thompson and I signed the documents to secure 6730 Hickory Tree Lane as the first home of The Sparrow’s Nest. Even writing this down makes me incredibly emotional. We had a brief celebration with the board and some supporters who have been with us since the beginning and then several of us jumped in our cars and headed to our communications team meeting that very same evening.

Ever since then it’s been a mad dash of emails, phone calls, meetings and more document transfers. I’m in need of more cake myself.

Rock N Roll time has arrived! Meetings with the Facilities Team, fire marshall, and our licensing rep are in full swing. Projects are being finalized and dished out to the appropriate small group or civic group. We are beginning the recruitment of our staff. It feels like we’re starting over on fundraising with that big honking check I signed over to the bank last week.

In all the events and ongoing, never ending fundraising I don’t want us to miss the point of our mission.

We are here for The Least, The Lost, and The Lonely.

We are here to protect The Unborn.

We are here for homeless, pregnant, and parenting teen mothers who others may have given up on or dismissed.

We know that all babies are a miracle and for a young women to carry a child to term can only mean that God intends beautiful things from both that mother and her baby.

We aren’t willing to turn our eyes or turn away. We’re getting ready to walk hand and hand with that young mother and her infant.

It’s all hands on deck time. We need you.

We need your church.

We need your community of friends and family.

We need your financial gifts as well as your sacrifice of prayer.

I have no idea the blessings God intends for you as you jump in.

All I can promise is I know without a doubt He will bless you and that I will be there with cake.