If you haven’t heard our great news we signed a purchasing agreement yesterday with Faith Chapel to purchase an already existing house in O’Fallon to be the first Sparrow’s Nest! God’s timing and faithfulness have been so poignant through this whole process. We are very grateful for the leadership of Board President Kevin Thompson and Pastor Brad Riley from Faith Chapel diligently seeking God’s will and serving strongly in this process.

You’re probably asking what’s next? Let’s get going!

And we will but of course everything takes time and patience. Now we are waiting for a revised survey to be completed of the property and then we can move to close with Cass Bank hopefully by the end of April if not sooner. At that point the current tenants have six months to move out after given notice. They are a wonderful couple and understand our urgency. They are also seeking where they will live next and are trying to move on quickly this summer.

That means that late spring we will get started on working on the improvements and needed tasks to be completed on the outside of the house. This summer we will paint, re-floor, and move in to get ready. We will start recruiting our staff when we close on the house and will start training them in late summer as well.

Fingers crossed and our eyes set on The Cross we will be fully operational by October 2013. What a beautiful thing!

We’ll need your help this summer with hard labor as well as your financial support. Support our fundraisers this year but also consider making your annual contribution earlier in the year. Perhaps your tax return? 🙂 Consider making a monthly contribution drafted through your bank so we can build a stable monthly budget on the knowledge of exactly what we have coming in. Apply for grants for us and look into your company’s matching gift program. Spread the news through your social media, friends, family, and churches.

This truly is the Year of The Sparrow and we’re finally taking flight in 2013!!!