March has been such a blessed month. After months of no donations we have been the recipient of literally thousands of dollars from your generosity. We’ve made connections is the community that we’ve spent 12 months trying to make. Our fundraising season is about to take off with a very successful speaker and reception with the “What Really Happened to Amelia Earhart? event on April 28th followed by the R.U.S.H 5K on May 5, 2012. We’ve had more volunteers and board members join us in the last 2 months than we had in the last quarter of 2011. A nationally known pastor prayed for our success and posted on Twitter. The Residential Services Committee is close to finishing the tedious task of completing our policies and procedures. The Nest Committee has been scouring over zoning maps and are beginning to form a picture of what The Nest can look like. Community leaders and organizations continue to encourage and offer any resources or advice to help us be successful and sooner instead of later. Churches are continually covering us in prayer. Everything is clicking along and we have a feeling of rejuvenation and purpose.


All of that is wonderful, and beautiful, and God directed, and blessed.


But it takes just ONE conversation with a parent educator telling me “I don’t know what this young woman is going to do. The options are so limited,” to remind me we must push forward with fervor.


It takes just ONE email from a service provider asking again, “when do you think you’ll be up in running, what are doing in the meantime,” to motivate me to not rest until this is completed.


It just takes ONE phone call from a young pregnant woman to put it all in perspective.


My challenge for you this week is to do just ONE thing to help a pregnant teen in need.


Maybe it’s ONE prayer for someone you don’t know.


Maybe it’s donating ONE package of diapers to a local Pregnancy Resource Center


Maybe it’s you becoming an active volunteer and becoming “One of The Flock.”


Maybe it’s ONE connection, phone call, or email you’ve been meaning to make on behalf of The Sparrow’s Nest.


Maybe it’s ONE more donation to The Sparrow’s Nest


Whatever it is, just choose to do ONE thing in the next couple of days. Don’t minimize the size or the impact. Just do ONE thing. And watch. 🙂


I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything,

but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything,

I will not refuse to do something that I can do.

Helen Keller