During this pause, we have been extremely blessed with the support of an amazing network of churches, organizations, and individuals who have been willing to help us renovate The Nest, making it a brighter and more comfortable place for mothers and their babies to heal.

Let’s begin outside with our new sign, made by Steve Gorman and installed by a talented group of volunteers. The sign beautifully welcomes people to The Nest and is such a warm way for moms to begin their journey at The Nest.

Now, let’s visit our parlor room. Residents can meet with guests or just relax in here. There are coloring books, weighted blankets, and putty for sensory healing.

Next, let’s go take a look at our newly renovated living room. After magnificent work from Joy Community Church, the living room will be a cozy place for our residents to interact with each other during their healing process.

Right next to the living room, our Activity Room, renovated by Life Church St. Peters, is a bright and welcoming place for the teen mothers and babies to take some time to relax and enjoy themselves. This yellow couch has been a staple at The Nest since it’s inception.

The staff room was renovated by Little Black Book. It will be a calming place for our staff members to rest and recharge for a new day.

Let’s continue our tour upstairs, where River City Church renovated our large bedroom. We love this reminder to the girls that they are valuable and loved.

In an effort coordinated by Lara Sweda, First Baptist Church St. Charles renovated two bedrooms for our girls. They will be such homey places for the residents to heal during their stays with us.

Volunteers Abby Puckett, Sonya Umbeck, and Catherine Sullivan renovated another bedroom, making it a snug and comfy place for our residents to pray and find hope at The Nest.

Renovations have been going on outside as well. With Kelly Clark as our garden volunteer, our lawn is in good hands, and on May Serve Day, an amazing group of volunteers laid sod, thankfully donated by Double Image Companies, Inc.

Buchheit Supply, Inc donated dirt for our vegetable garden boxes. Thanks to their support and our volunteers, we will soon have fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, peppers, and herbs.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of the renovation project at The Nest. We could not have done it without the amazing support of our community. You have made The Nest a more beautiful place for mothers to heal. Check out the new rooms for yourself. You can see the renovations at The Nest in-person on a Talk’n Tour with our Community Awareness Coordinator Kim McKnight. Email her at kim@thesparrowsneststl.org for more information. We look forward to your visit!