In structuring the culture of The Sparrow’s Nest you start to discover a certain reoccurring vernacular. Ok, really I just hear myself saying the same things over and over again.

“Volunteers are royalty at The Nest.”

“Volunteers are the heartbeat of The Sparrow’s Nest.”

“Volunteers are at the very center of the DNA of Sparrow.”

“Volunteers display what we are trying to accomplish through The Sparrow’s Nest, developing the heart of servanthood.”

You may have thought that your tenure was over since we’ve added paid staff but in reality we are just getting started with your act of service. We need you more now than ever to not only serve the residents but teach them what service looks like. We need you to provide real, meaningful opportunities for our residents to serve. We need you to get out of the pews.

We need to you to serve because God’s people need

To Do Things not just have a To Do List.

If you’ve been waiting to help the residents and hold babies we need you to start working on your 28 hours of general volunteering and 8 hours of volunteer training most of which is now available on the website. We have administrative needs. We have funding needs. We have communication and marketing needs. We have prayer needs. We have moving and setting up The Nest needs. We need you.

You can fill out the volunteer interest form and Alyssa Hilburn our Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch to determine the best use of your time and talents.

This is the really exciting part. This is when we really all gather together as The Flock to make an impact that will be felt for generations.