Hello everyone my name is Jasmine J. and I have been at The Sparrow’s Nest for about 6 months now and here is my story.
In the beginning back in January 2017, I wanted to be on my own. So I moved out and into a trailer with my boyfriend, our son and his grandpa. I realized I needed to get my life together because I was just sitting around waiting doing nothing. I had to be a woman, a strong woman. Especially because I had a baby on the way. I saw The Sparrow’s Nest commercial on t.v. back in January and had it in the back of my mind as a possibility to live there so I came for I tour and loved it. But I didn’t come back because I thought someone else needed the spot more than I did. Also I had a pregnancy scare (Ectopic pregnancy), but baby is fine now.

I stayed out in Troy until July 7th 2016. Thats when I moved into the Sparrow’s Nest.

If I was still in Troy and not The Sparrow’s Nest, I would probably be sitting around thinking about what I could be doing instead of actually doing it. I wasn’t motivated in Troy but I am at The Sparrow’s Nest.I also have a lot of love and support, not only from the Sparrows nest but from my lovely boyfriend Davionne. I was alone at the Sparrows nest until July 28th. These two crazy but wonderful girls moved in. Then Teddy moved in of course but that was later into my pregnancy in September. Teddy is a ball of sass and a ball of joy. These girls are a lot of fun. I feel like a role model to them. I remember when I first met Ms.Carissa I was like, its really you! Ive met the most wonderful staff members every! My two wonderful house parents, amanda and serious Geries. Their two kids are amazing. Erica and Katie who are like sisters to me. Lois and Casey who help me alot and who are very loving. They all help. They want us all to succeed and I wont let them down.

While at The Sparrow’s Nest I have accomplished a lot! I’ve completed my GED with a majority of concepts in the college ready level. I have also completed the PPD program (Professional Development Program) through Connections To Success! I’ve been on a long journey. But it doesn’t stop there.
I’m looking at a career as an Ultrasound Technician. I now have two jobs, I work at the St.Charles County Ambulance District and at McDonald’s. My goal is to have an affordable car.

Without Sparrow I would be nowhere. I wouldn’t even had completed school or got a job. Staff is like another family to me. Other places were full like Missouri Baptist Children’s Home, which I was at in 2014 for 3 months. The nest doesn’t feel like a facility, it is more family oriented, and it feels like a home. I’ve met amazing people here. I have a memory of when it was a former house aide and regular house aides, we were saying Rise Up Lights but I didn’t catch on to it, its an Australian accent. Get it?

My dream is to give back to Sparrow, have a place for me my boyfriend and our two kids. I want me and my boyfriend to succeed, especially because we have kids. I want to be stable financially. I hope my kids look at their mommy and daddy and want to be like us and say “wow, I have the best parents in the whole wide world.”

Thank you for listening to my story!