Guest Blog: Your Actions Influence the Outcome of Your Child’s Future

It takes more to being a parent than simply providing food and shelter. You are going to be your child’s most prominent provider of what he or she needs to know about life. While teachers may educate the children in math and science, it will be your own actions and behaviors that they will emulate as they grow. To the children, you are an example of how people are to act in society.

Beliefs and Religions – Belief structures are very important to many families around the globe. Your influence may shape how the children relate to religious views. Since you are the parent, the child could easily believe in your belief. Without knowing facts around the actual structure of a religion, children are inclined to have faith in their parents that it’s the right decision. Through attendance, you children will begin to formulate why it’s important rather than because you say it is so.

Personal Interaction with Others – Witnessing your interactions with others in your community can be assimilated by the children as well. If you disregard a social class or ethnic group, the children will assume that is how certain people are to be treated. It is a learned behavior that is picked up through the experiences of being around the parent. Children know nothing about different groups of people and are generally accepting of everyone unless influenced to do otherwise.

Healthy Living – Healthier lifestyles are another aspect that children can learn from a parent. If you pride yourself on visiting the drive-through window every day, the children will assume that it’s OK to live in such a manner. By exposing children to healthier eating as they develop, the children will have a deeper appreciation for the benefits of nutritious foods. This could also be true about physical activity and other aspects of health.

Educational Structure – Although educational prowess can sometimes be genetically linked from parent to child, your views of learning will be passed on to your little ones. If you don’t have respect for education and continued growth, there is a strong likelihood that the child may not either. Everything from science to reading can be influenced by the parents. Studies actually show that parents that read more in the home have children that read more often themselves. Even if you’re not educated, you can still promote knowledge and learning in order to influence your child to succeed.

Negative Examples of Life – Life is a series of examples for children. While you have influence to shape the future of your children, you can also provide instances of why it’s important to do so. Sometimes, children will aspire to be more as they see how unhappy you are due to your situations. They could look for better employment merely from witnessing how you hate your job. Even their choice of future spouses can be influenced from your own negative experiences. However, negative examples are tricky to navigate for the child could inadvertently remain in the same rut you find yourself.

As your child develops, your influence can shape his or her future from educational standpoints to the individual they choose to marry. You’re more than a parent to your children – you are their teacher. Help secure a better life for your children by using your influence for the better.

Ken Myers is a father of three and passionate about great childcare. He’s always looking for ways to help families find the support they need to live fuller, richer lives. Find out more about expert childcare by checking out @go_nannies on twitter.