When someone asks you to be a part of something and this thing will require effort, thought, time, maybe even work, what is it that drives us to say yes? Sometimes it’s the person asking. We feel an obligation to that person, or even become scared of the response from that person if we say no. Sometimes it’s the place. You know what this is like. You’re asked to be involved with an event that is being hosted at a place that you love or would love to see. You agree to be a part of something because of where it is. Sometimes it’s the thing itself. Sometimes you hear about something that, even though you know there will be work ahead – perhaps even hard work, you simply are pulled from inside to be a part of such an event – such a thing – such a place – such a person asking.

Who is the person asking? You might think I would say Carissa Figgins. But, no, I’m not. How can that be right? How is it that I would say Carissa didn’t ask, … especially when she asked you, or someone you know, to help or pray or work or serve? I say no, the person asking is not Carissa.

Where is the place? Presently the “place” is simply an idea, … a thought, … a doodle in the artist’s sketchbook. It isn’t a house you can visit. It isn’t a location that you would love to see. It isn’t even a beautiful piece of art yet. I say no, the place is not here.

What is this thing? What is this event that pulls at heartstrings and creates a desire to be involved when it seems like there isn’t enough time, thought, effort or work available? This thing you may think, is such a thing as The Sparrow’s Nest. I say no, that is not the thing.

I say this. Unborn life is the person asking for a place … in mother’s arms. Unborn life requires effort, thought, time, work. Unborn life can pull at heartstrings, creating a desire to be involved in something that we want to see grow, feel obligation toward, and are even scared of the response if we say no.

Unborn life is asking.

I see myself saying yes. It is easy. The question was already asked of me exactly 20 years ago on February 4th. Unborn life was given to me in the form of a baby boy whom I would know in 9 months as Dylan. When he came, he required so much effort, thought, time and hard work, but all he asked for was a place… a place in my arms, … my heart, … my home… my home … his home. What if we had not had a home? What if we had not had a place? How could my heart and my arms provide for him when I was so young (I was 16 when Dylan was born)?

The Sparrow’s Nest is working to help girls age 14 – 18 answer those questions. If they are asking: Where can I go? Where is a place? Where is a home for me and my baby? I hear the unborn life asking for us to be a part of such an event – such a thing – such a place for just such a person asking.

Marla is the Marketing Director for Renaissance Plastic Surgery. Marla served as the chair over the Marketing and Development Committee for The Sparrow’s Nest. She has been married for 11 years and has three boys. Marla attends Zion Lutheran Church in St. Charles.