Change. This word is notorious to cause stress, frustration, worry, and even fear. Have you thought about the times that change was all this and exciting, joyful, meaningful, and fulfilling? The Sparrow’s Nest has been going through change.

Carissa, our wonderful founder, moved to our Board beginning January 2018. I have moved into the (really big, delightful, fantastic, and charismatic) shoes of Executive Director. I will be honest, this move has been stressful, frustrating, worrisome and fear inducing. However, I feel like I am exactly where God wants me. I think we all have heard about that powerful verse in Jeremiah where God lets us know “I have plans to give you hope and a future.” How often do we actually believe that? God is so powerful but I know I am guilty of lessening His might. That is until He shows me clear as day–I’ve got this, and you.

Our God is a BIG God. A powerful God and a God who knows exactly what we need. He knew what I needed, and I am confident He knows what Sparrow needs– a team of original folks and new folks that can come together in humility and grace and say we have done a great job, now let’s work together to make that great job, an awesome job! The future of Sparrow is bright and I am honored and humbled to be a small part of our awesome future!

My name is Elisa Zieg. I am the new Executive Director of The Sparrow’s Nest. I am filled with jubilation because of this role and I am shaking in my boots about being a leader for precious moms and babies. However, I know this is what God has planned for me.

When I was a baby and just coming home from the hospital I came home to a house of 14 sisters. My parents were house parents at a children’s home in East Texas. Let’s just say I was spoiled! This upbringing has taught me a lot about family. Family is not blood, family is those whom you love and love you back. Having a variety of sisters come and go showed me a world so different than the typical. I even vividly recall my mom singing loud and mighty at church to Jesus Loves the Little Children. She would sing “Red, BROWN, Yellow, Black, and White. They are precious in His sight!” She made sure we included ALL of our sisters (and brothers) in this call. Jesus loves each of us and has a special plan for us. I am thankful and honored to be in the midst of this life changing transition that has called me to The Sparrow’s Nest. I look forward to sharing more of my story in the years to come and learning yours!

Please join me for a moment of celebration of the changes God has in store for each of us. He knows what we are capable of. He knows how our stories intersect and He marvels as we support one another, in love, through this exciting journey of life! So get up, boogie and add all the confetti and glitter needed to make this a remarkable celebration!