We hear a lot of people telling us that they really can’t afford to donate much to The Sparrow’s Nest right now. Times are tough. And believe me. We get that! It’s kinda the reason we’re coming into existence. However, Coinstar® reminds us that there is forgotten money hiding in our homes. The average American household has a coin stash of about $90 just waiting to be put to good use. Like helping the fund a home for teens and their precious little babies.

So if you thought you couldn’t give anything, or first thought at most you could only give $25 or so start looking around your house.

To mine for money in your house, follow these steps from the Live on Cash Blog:

Prospect in the most obvious spots first: pants pockets, handbags, backpacks, coat pockets, etc.
Look for “piggy” and other types of coin banks. Half of American families keep change in a coin bank of some type.
Check behind chests-of-drawers and cabinets, under beds, refrigerators, dressers, and nightstands, any place where coins might end up after falling on the floor. 28% of the time you will find coins in random locations such as these.
Search out cups, mugs, jars, and other containers. 71% of Americans keep their coins in receptacles of some type.
Explore beneath the cushions and in the cracks of upholstered furniture. There is a 1 in 5 chance you will find coins there.
Hunt through your washer and dryer. 36% of coins have been “laundered”.
Rummage through drawers. A third of American families keep coins in drawers.
Comb through your car, especially the glove compartment, under the seats, the cracks within and between seats, and under floor mats.
You don’t even need to count it. Put your stash in a coffee can, a ziploc bag, or chinese food container. We’ll take it to the bank and then issue you a tax-ductible receipt.

And you thought you couldn’t afford to donate to The Sparrow’s Nest this year.:)

After you go on your coin scavenger hunt, let us know the most unusual place you found money. What was the highest amount you found?

Happy Mining!