If you have ever had the opportunity to read The Sparrow’s Nest’s story on its website, you will see it is hard to tell where the story begins and where the story will end. You will also see a story that is still being written that includes a passion for life and helping young mothers stabilize around Christ-centered principles. 

The Sparrow’s Nest’s story continues, it just completed one of the most difficult chapters in its storied mission. The last few months have been difficult for The Sparrow’s Nest with the added protocols and expenses of COVID-19, not being able to conduct normal fundraising events and the absence of an Executive Director. The arduous decision was made by the Board of Directors to suspend operations at the last board meeting. These decisions are always hard because they affect staff, residents, and their lives. 

This pause allows The Sparrow’s Nest and the Board of Directors to recalibrate the vision to meet the changing needs of the ministry. While we were having these difficult discussions, it was apparent to me the serving heart of each board member and their strong commitment to staying true to protecting and honoring life. This is where the strength of the board lies is in the diversity of talents and experience each member brings to form a common pursuit of our mission to embrace the God-given dignity of all human life.

While The Sparrow’s Nest’s story continues, there is no doubt God’s hand is the instrument by which it is being written since He is with us, always. We ask you to continue this story with us as the next chapters begin to unfold. Thank you for your continued support of The Sparrow’s Nest and its mission surrounding Life and helping young mothers stabilize around Christ-centered principles.  

Lance Rogers

Board Member