Often, people forget that the ministry of the Nest is not just to teen moms…but their children as well. Most days, that can make my head explode trying to train, teach, guide and direct children from 19 years old down to 1 years old. That’s a big difference in learning capabilities and it requires a lot of individual teaching moments. Sometimes I wonder if all those little moments of learning and watching ever add up into something worth while. I’m sure you all have been there with your own kids. You sit down during nap time, bask in the quiet, and wonder if anything they saw or learned today was going to stick…especially for little ones.

Last night at supper, The Nest had one of those moments where we collectively realized that ALL those little moments count.

Each evening when we sit down to supper, we do a short devotional and pray as a family.  Last night, as we finished the devotional, little Isaiah perked up and said “I’ll pray.” He caught us off guard. We all happily agreed. In his little 2 year old version…he thanked God “for his Mommy, his Nana, and Jiryis. Amen” Almost instantly, Chaina broke into tears at the moment. We all smiled and exchanged looks at the table. It was a beautiful moment amid the chaos. Most days with 4 kids under 4 can be full of discipline and direction (you’ve probably witnessed that here before!), but last night…our hearts were filled with joy in watching God grow in little Isaiah’s heart.

It was such an encouraging moment for me, as it should be to you. The little ones (and the big girls) watch very closely the things we live out and teach. Last night challenged me to keep pointing The Nest towards the One that heals, loves, and provides more than they could ever ask or desire.

House Mom Amanda

little Isaiah perked up and said “I’ll pray.”