Let us never discount the miracles that happen all around us, every day.

I have experienced physical healing. Before Ben and I started dating, we were both interns for a missionary in the Dominican Republic. One night while making dinner, the pilot light on the oven blew up in my face, badly burning my hand, face and hair (giving me a very short, singed pixie hair style for the rest of the trip).  That night I woke up every hour and a half in severe pain, put aloe on my burn and prayed for God give me some relief. The last time I woke up from pain was at 5:30am. When I woke up at 6:00am, I had zero pain, and I had full range of movement, whereas even 30 minutes earlier, I could not move without further excruciating pain. The only possible explanation is that I had experienced a miracle.

While that story was definitely encouraging to me on that trip, it is a small example of the miracles that God has done in my life. I have seen God free me from bonds of sin that I never could have escaped from on my own power, God has changed my heart in ways that I can take no credit for, and God has protected me in situations that should have been certain physical and/or spiritual destruction.  The only possible explanation is that I had experienced a miracle.

These heart changes happen all around us, let us open our eyes to the work God is doing in you and those around you and give God the praise that is due for miraculous transformations of hearts! The physical healing of a body is most certainly an event to praise God for, but let it be an event to show a small portion of what God is capable of!  The greater miracle is one that leads to lasting healing–the miraculous change of heart that happens when someone comes to know Christ that leads to eternal life, the reconciliation with God and with other believers, the miracle of forgiveness. As a believer you are living breathing miracles! You are proof of God’s ability to take someone who is sick with sin and provide healing that gives eternal life. The only possible explanation is that you have experienced a miracle.

Let us pray for these miracles for ourselves and those around us.

These are the miracles that I pray happen at The Sparrow’s Nest. I pray that the girls find safety and refuge under our roof; that they would be rescued from hopeless situations; that their temporal lives would be changed– but even greater than that, I pray that God would perform heart miracles that will last forever, that their babies would grow up to know about Jesus Christ and turn to Him, and that their eternal lives would be changed through their time with us. The only possible explanation will be that they will experience a miracle.